Resources for Disabled Students

Websites - Awareness

The following websites hopefully provide information to expand awareness of the issues that affect people with disabilities.  Videos are on YouTube and the other links are websites.  These resources may not be 100% accessible since they have been created by others for general consumption.  Videos that are captioned are noted.


Maysoon Zayid and her 99 problems... (transcript provided)

A virtual tour of an exhibit about the fight for civil rights Patient No More

A reframing of Inspiration by Stella Young (transcript provided)

Learn about what it means to Take a Walk

Watch a short film focused on strengths related to disability The Butterfly Circus

Learn about Polio

A satirical take on the disability experience from Canada

Learn about the World Institute on Disability and Ed Roberts, one of the founders of Independent Living

More on Ed Roberts

Ed Roberts on 60 Minutes

Learn about the History of the Disability Rights Movement

From 504 to ADA

See a video on the Protests for 504 Regulations (not captioned)

More on the birth of Disability Rights and Section 504  (part 1) (captioned)

Disability Rights and Section 504 (part 2) (captioned)

Preview of a PBS program on Disability Rights (captioned)

Disability Law, Policy, and Civil Rights from University of Wisconsin - Madison

 See videos about Attitudes and Attitudes 2 (captioned, interpreted)

 See a short video about dancing on crutches CrutchMaster (not captioned)

Aimee Mullins, model and athlete, gives her take on Personal Power and Prosthetics (not captioned)

See an introduction to the Voices of Our Region project (captioned)

 Various time lines related to the disability experience are offered by the Museum of disAbility History

A TED presentation by Robert Ebert about his journey in finding an assistive device to allow him to still do what he wanted to do, communicate (transcript provided)




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